Why the Post Office Matters and Why Corporate America Is Stealing It


Lauren Steiner, LA Progressive: The rally I went to Saturday to save the Santa Monica Post Office was a bit of a bummer. After 75 years of continuous service, the branch on Arizona and 5th Street was closing its doors for good. The U.S. Postal Service, a vital part of the public infrastructure of this country and a source of hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs, is in the process of being raided, and its assets sold to the highest bidder. And the best that we the people can muster is a rally to beg a city agency to recognize the historic value of the building, so at least it won’t be demolished. And maybe, if we’re lucky enough, the new private owner will build a restaurant or some other entity that will preserve the historic lobby of the building for the public to see — at least those members willing and able to pay for a meal.   Read more.

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