How to Get Away with Destroying America’s Heritage


"Save the Berkeley Post Office" has a great article on how the Postal Service has been flouting the intention of preservation laws and ignoring the recommendations of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.  Read more.

Historic post office in Richmond VA for sale


The 1937 post office at 1625-1635 Broad Street in Richmond, Virginia, is listed on the USPS-CBRE Properties for Sale website.  The listing says the Postal Service wants to have the property under contract this month, with a closing in February of 2015, at which time the Postal Service will relocate to a new facility.  According to the USPS Leased Properties list, … Read More

Bronx GPO sold, no details yet


The Bronx General Post Office has been sold.  There’s no word yet on who the buyer is or what the plans for the building are, but the post office was definitely sold two weeks ago.  On the USPS-CBRE website, the listing says simply, "Sold." The Postal Service has not made an official announcement about the sale, and it is apparently … Read More

Historic Post Office in Mankato, MN headed for sale


The Postal Service has announced its intention to sell the historic post office in Mankato, Minnesota.   A USPS rep will speak to the City Council about "relocating" retail services to another space at the June 23 meeting.  Built in 1896, the Mankato Post Office was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.  There's an excellent post … Read More

Historic Greenwich CT post office soon to be a Restoration Hardware


The historic post office in Greenwich, Connecticut, will be reopening on May 16 as a Restoration Hardware Design Gallery of upscale home furnishings.  The post office was sold in 2011 to real estate magnate Peter Malkin, owner of the Empire State Building and a Greenwich resident.  The building is on the National Register for Historic Places.  The renovation required a complete gutting … Read More

The plot thickens: An OIG solicitation, the Palmer Square Post Office, and the CBRE-LCOR connection


There were a couple of interesting developments this week in the story about how the Postal Service and its real estate broker CBRE are handling post office lease deals and the sales of postal properties.  On Christmas Day, the USPS Office of Inspector General posted a solicitation notice looking for a supplier to do an analysis of the fair market value … Read More

Harlem’s College Station post office may be sold and “relocated”


The Postal Service has announced plans to close and sell another historic post office.  The College Station post office on 140th Street in in Harlem was built under the New Deal, and it’s been serving the neighborhood since 1937.  It looks like 2014 may be its last year of operation. As usual, the Postal Service says it plans to open a … Read More

Sale of historic Norwich post office not going anywhere, but post office may move to library


The Postal Service has been trying to sell the historic post office in downtown Norwich, Connecticut, but it's been having trouble finding a buyer.  Nonetheless, there will be a meeting today to discuss the relocation, a meeting required by law.   As with Berkeley, the Bronx, and many other cases, the Postal Service is going through a relocation process without … Read More

Post Offices sold and for sale: An update on the inventory


It’s not easy getting information out of the Postal Service about the properties it has sold or those it has earmarked for disposal, but thanks to investigative reporter Peter Byrne, a lot of news articles, and various other sources, there’s enough information out there to piece together a picture.  Here’s what it looks like. Overall, the Postal Service has sold … Read More

Why did the Stamford post office close? Conflicting answers, disturbing questions


The Postal Service closed the Atlantic Street post office in Stamford, Connecticut, on September 20, 2013, on two-days’ notice to customers.  A USPS press release dated September 18 explains that the closure was due to the fact that the Postal Service was advancing with the sale of the building but had not yet been able to arrange a new location … Read More