People are pretty upset in Freedom, WY


Freedom is a small hamlet in Wyoming, population 214.  It sits on the stateline with Idaho, and, according to Wikipedia, "the community was settled as a border town by Mormon polygamists in order to escape arrest for polygamy: they could be free from Idaho police simply by walking into Wyoming. The community was named for the freedom it gave these early settlers."  Today Freedom is the home of Freedom Arms, a firearms manufacturer known for producing powerful handguns.

Freedom is the oldest community in Wyoming's Star Valley, and some of the its old buildings still stand.  One of them is the post office.  The hamlet has been notified that it's on the list, along with four others, of post offices being studied for closure.  They had a town meeting on Thursday, and the Officer in Charge manning the post office said, "People are pretty upset about it."

One of the other towns on the closure list is Bairoil, population 97, named after sheep rancher Charles M. Bair, the first to drill oil in this area and after whom the town is named. The post office was established in 1924.  The nearest post office is 45 miles away.

(Photo credit: Freedom p.o.; Bairoil p.o.)

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