Hightower: Fighting back against flimflamming postal privatizers


Jim Hightower has another great piece about the Postal Service that starts with a discussion of the post office in Valentine, Texas.  "In July 2011, word wafted out to Jeff Davis County that the venerable post office on Highway 90 was on USPS's list of 3,700 offices across the country under review for closure. Budgets, you know–USPS is running about $5 billion a year in the red, explained a postal spokesperson who'd been dispatched to this outback to calm the locals. He sympathized with their loss, but said with a sigh: "The postal service has to look under every rock, to save every dollar, to try to keep the service alive."

"That comment makes the postal powers seem almost heroic, but their actions are actually somewhere between pathetic and vile."  Read more.

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