Bullhead City, Arizona, post office to close on two-year-old discontinuance study


The Postal Service is closing the Highway Station (990 Highway 95) in northern Bullhead City, Arizona.  The post office was on the list of 3,700 studied for closure in 2011 as part of the Retail Access Optimization Initiative (RAOI), and the discontinuance process was almost completed back then.  But then the RAOI got bad reviews from the Postal Regulatory Commission and a moratorium was put on closings, so the discontinuance of the Highway Station was put on hold.  Then this summer the Postal Service decided to move ahead.  This is but one of several cases where the discontinuance process got started a couple of years ago and now is being completed.  The PRC has yet to rule on appeals on these cases, so there's no indication yet of how it will deal with closures based on all data.  Read more.


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