Historic Plant City, CA, post office to be sold


The historic post office in Plant City, Florida, was closed two years ago over health and safety concerns that included mold and lead-based paint.  Now the Postal Service is planning on selling the building.  Mayor Rick Lott said he was surprised it took so long for the old post office to hit the market because the longer a building sits, … Read More

Postal Services moves forward on sale of historic Plant City post office


In late January 2015, the Postal Service discontinued the post office in Plant City, Florida.  As reported in this previous post, it was the first discontinuance in over 16 months.  The community had until Feb. 27 to file an appeal with the Postal Regulatory Commission, but no one did so, and now the Postal Service is reviewing the property for … Read More

Historic Plant City post office discontinued, headed for sale


Earlier this week, the Postal Service announced that the historic post office on Reynolds Street In downtown Plant City, Florida, is being discontinued.  It’s the first such discontinuance in over 16 months. The Plant City post office has been closed since June 2013, when the Postal Service shut down the 1935 facility for an emergency suspension due to deteriorating conditions, … Read More

Historic Plant City FL post office closing permanently


In June, the Postal Service temporarily closed the post office in Plant City, Florida, for an emergency suspension due to deterioration in the basement, discovered on a routine inspection.  Now the Postal Service is doing a discontinuance review to close the post office permanently.  The post office was built in 1935, and it has problems like a leaky roof and … Read More

Historic Plant City, FL post office closed on one day’s notice


The 1936 post office in downtown Plant City, Florida, has been closed due to deteriorating conditions in the basement, discovered in a routine inspection. Postal spokeswoman Enola C. Rice said the building is expected to reopen but she didn't know when.  In the meantime, all postal services, including post offices boxes, have been moved to the Plant City Walden Woods Post … Read More

A progress report on S&DC conversions and plant consolidations

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At this point it’s unclear how much of the radical transformation plan will be implemented before a speed bump slows it down — pushback from the public, Congressional oversight, a PRC advisory opinion, a change in leadership at the Postal Service. For now, though, implementation is proceeding steadily, albeit with some delays, but more or less as planned.

The Magical Postal Publicity Tour: Over 7,000 POStPlan Meetings, and Counting


The Postal Service is plowing ahead with its community meetings on POStPlan.  As of Friday, it had held 6,741 meetings, and it has scheduled an additional 474 through March 15. That’s a total of 7,215 meetings — well more than half the list of 13,000 post offices that are seeing their hours reduced.  Before last week, implementation was complete at about … Read More

Post Office discontinuances and suspensions: A decade in review

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The Postal Service and the Postal Regulatory Commission are currently working on the annual compliance review.  The goal of the ACR, as stated in 39 U.S.C. §3652, is to determine if during the previous fiscal year the Postal Service has met all of the rate setting and service goals of the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act. The review deals primarily with the issue of … Read More

Legacy for Sale: Historic Post Offices on the Market


The New York Times has an excellent front-page article by Robin Pogrebin about the Postal Service’s push to sell off its historic post office buildings.  It includes a great photo scroll, and it’s getting lots of very lively comments. As the Times explains, the Postal Service owns nearly a quarter of its 31,000 post offices (it leases space for the rest), and … Read More

Delivering for America Lists & Maps

Delivering for America Lists & MapsS&DCs and Spokes as of 3/15/24 The Postal Service shared this list with the PRC in response to an information request as part of the Public Inquiry on Delivering for Amerca; the original is here. View on Google Docs. S&DCs and Potential Spokes in Five Regions As of 10/2/2023 For more information about these lists, … Read More