Miami’s Buena Vista Station post office building sold for $43M. Good luck getting your mail until there’s a new one


Miami Herald: Residents of the 33137 ZIP code, which includes Miami’s Design District, Buena Vista, Morningside, Bay Point and surrounding neighborhoods, are dreading the closure of their post office. The place where they buy 50-cent stamps is slated to be replaced by a luxe retail store where they may be able to buy $50,000 purses or $5,000 suits — whether … Read More

Congressmen bite at chance to save Pie Town’s post office


Santa Fe New Mexican: Days to the primary election: 48.  New Mexican as apple pie. Three members of Congress are campaigning to save a slice of Americana — the endangered post office in Pie Town. Pie Town, about 220 miles southwest of Santa Fe in Catron County, is an unincorporated outpost of about 150 people. The U.S. Postal Service has decided … Read More

The Court Rules on the Barcode Case (again)


Last week the U.S. Court of Appeals, District of Columbia, issued a decision on the Postal Service’s challenge to a ruling by the Postal Regulatory Commission involving barcoding and a rate increase.  The ruling is here. The Court’s ruling is essentially a rebuke to the Commission for failing to provide an adequate explanation for why changes in the Postal Service’s … Read More

Trump Moves to Gut the Post Office


The American Prospect, by David Dayen: Some may be inclined to think that Donald Trump’s executive orderThursday night establishing a task force to recommend reforms for the U.S. Postal Service reflects another salvo in the president’s war against Amazon. Trump’s attack on Amazon, a clear byproduct of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s ownership of The Washington Post, included the suggestion that … Read More

Here’s what happened to the Milan Post Office that closed on in Norfolk, VA


The Virginia Pilot: Post Office mailboxes seem to be on every corner until you need them. After the U.S. Postal Service closed a location at 38th Street and Colley Avenue in Norfolk, Virginia, a reader who used the office wanted to know why it was shut down – and, perhaps more importantly, where’s the nearest place to drop off outgoing … Read More

USPS Letter Carriers Critique 5 Vehicles Considered For Next Mail Truck

SteveBlog The U.S. Postal Service is about to decide what vehicle will become the nation’s next mail truck. Will it be the one that letter carriers want? As the Postal Service puts the five prototype models it is considering through extensive testing this year, letter carriers shared with the demands they face every day and evaluated the vehicles under … Read More

Less transparency provided on U.S. Postal Service post office leases


Linn’s Stamp: For years, the United States Postal Service has published on its website information about the rent it pays for postal facilities across the nation. The “Leased Facilities Report” became a valuable index that real estate brokers and others used to judge the value of business properties. But no more. As Steve Bahnsen of Chicago, who has collected U.S. … Read More

Save the Historic Minneapolis Post Office


Recently there’s been a lot of talk about changing or even completely replacing the Minneapolis Post Office with some other use at its current location. If you’d like to save the Post Office in its current form, now is the time to write the mayor, your member of the city council and the Minneapolis Downtown Council to voice your opinion … Read More

Is Amazon exploiting the post office? No more than any other company in U.S. history.


Newsday: Everyone knows that President Donald Trump loves feuds, but one of his strangest targets is Amazon. Trump has repeatedly claimed that the retail giant is “scamming” the U.S. post office by taking advantage of the venerable institution’s low shipping rates. Trump has long complained about the Washington Post, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ ownership of it. But it’s still … Read More

Historic Post Office in Allentown, PA, may be sold, preservations fear it could be bulldozed


WFMZ-TV: Could an iconic Allentown building meet the wrecking ball? That’s what some preservationists are fearing as the post office considers selling its location at 5th and Hamilton. “It’s an iconic building in terms of Allentown’s streetscape. It’s a very high style art deco building,” described Lauren Golden of the Allentown Preservation League. Allentown’s post office was born to Roosevelt’s New Deal … Read More