USPS OIG salutes postal workers on Labor Day


The USPS Office of Inspector General takes the opportunity on Labor Day "to salute all the postal workers who keep the mail moving and ensure the Postal Service fulfills its mission of binding the nation together."  (For some reason, the OIG provides a picture of postal trucks to illustrate its salute to workers.)

"While the Postal Service is the engine that drives a major industry, it is also often an important part of the local community," writes the OIG. "The annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive is so effective because of the Postal Service’s presence in every community. Postal workers are often the first people back at work in areas affected by a natural disaster, providing critical deliveries of medicine and checks even when power is out and roads are blocked. Every year, postal employees around the country risk their own safety to save the lives of customers they serve. In 2012, the Postal Service recognized 313 of these employee heroes. The Carrier Alert program relies on the presence and awareness of letter carriers to monitor the well-being of elderly and disabled customers. And so many other deeds go unheralded.

"So on this Labor Day we salute not only America’s postal workers, but the American workforce."  Read more.

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