How about a USPS stamp series celebrating Post Office murals?


The Postal Service possesses over a thousand murals produced by FDR’s New Deal during the Great Depression.  The paintings celebrate American workers, local histories, and significant national events.  The murals themselves should be celebrated with a new USPS stamp series. hile the volume of First Class single-piece mail has been steadily dropping (at about 3.6 percent annually for the past two years), good old-fashioned postage stamps are still … Read More

Valentine post office in Loveland CO delivers history


Loveland Reporter-Herald: When I first decided to write a story about our post office building on Sixth Street and Cleveland Avenue, I received a request. The Reporter Herald’s seasoned business reporter and all-around nice guy, Craig Young, urged me to include in my musings, the old boiler.  Craig further implored me to read and mention a certain children’s book in … Read More

Post office mural missing for decades rediscovered


A mural of pre-World War II Richmond, Calif., considered missing for nearly four decades, will once again be put on display.  The painting, an oil on canvas that shows union workers and their supervisors against a backdrop of the Standard Oil Refinery, was commissioned by federal Works Progress Administration in 1940 as a way to employ artists during the Great … Read More

Restored post office mural to be re-installed in museum


The depression-era mural, Emigrants at Nightfall by Loren Mozley, was removed from the walls of the post office in Alvin, Texas, back in 1966, and put into storage in the basement.  Many years later a postal employee contacted the Alvin Museum Society and asked if they would like to have it.  Now, decades later, the mural has been restored, and on September … Read More

Under lock and key: The New Deal post office art of Palm Beach County


Three New Deal post offices in Palm Beach County, Florida, feature important murals painted in the 1930s.  But one of the buildings isn't serving as a post office anymore, and the art is "under lock and key."  The former Palm Beach post office buidling on N. County Road now serves as the offices for billionaire real estate tycoon Jeff Greene, who purchased … Read More

Erasing History at the USPS: When U.S. Post Office Tries to Sell Off Historic New Deal Sites, Scholars and Communities Protest


The scholarly news magazine JSTOR Daily has a great article about the selling off of historic post offices, by R. H. Lossin.  It covers the sale of the Bronx GPO, the fight over the Berkeley post office, and the whole legacy of New Deal post offices and murals.  "For defenders of historic post office sites," writes Lossin, "the disappearance of … Read More

Ukiah tries again to bring back post office mural


The Ukiah City Council has been trying to come to an agreement with the Postal Service that might allow a mural displayed in the former downtown post office to return to Ukiah.  The mural, “Resources of the Soil,” was painted in the 1930s, and was on display until January 2012, when the former post office on North Oak Street closed. … Read More

Sale of historic Princeton post office moves forward


The sale of the historic Palmer Square post office in Princeton, New Jersey, is moving forward.  Earlier this week the Princeton Packet revealed that the post office would be relocating a few blocks away to a former West Coast Video building on Nassau Street.  The Postal Service will share the leased property with a 7-Eleven.  The move will take place … Read More

Modesto post office murals shipped to Virginia


Two Depression-era murals from Modesto’s historic downtown post office were tucked away in a storage shed, virtually forgotten, for more than four decades. When the lost artwork finally was recovered two years ago, there was great joy and promises they’d be reunited with the other Ray Boynton murals on display in the building’s lobby.  But that hasn’t happened.  Before the … Read More

Bethesda Post Office mural to reemerge at Regional Center


Bethesda Now: It’s an important symbol of the New Deal era based on a piece of Bethesda history. But for the last 17 months, the old Bethesda Post Office mural has been sitting in Postal Service storage.  On Wednesday, the 1939 mural of the Bethesda Farm Women’s Market that was proudly displayed in the old Bethesda Post Office will be re-installed … Read More

Ukiah post office mural to be returned, but not to post office


A large mural that hung in the lobby of the former Ukiah Post Office on North Oak Street has been restored and will hopefully be returning to Ukiah soon, according to the United States Postal Service. The mural, painted in 1936, was taken off its wall after the post office closed in January of 2012 and brought to Chicago, where it underwent a … Read More

Bronx GPO interior gets landmark status


The Landmarks Conservancy has agreed to grant landmark protection status to the interior of the Bronx General Post Office, with its priceless murals by Ben Shahn, one of America’s leading Social Realist artists.  The exterior had been declared a landmark previously, so this extends protection to the interior as well.  Video here.