Senator accuses USPS of using “emergency suspensions” to close post offices


U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill is calling out the U.S. Postal Service for its use of “emergency suspension” authority to close down Missouri post offices, potentially circumventing the standard process that requires input from communities that would feel the effects of a closure and notifications to Congress. “I recently became aware of a number of post offices in Missouri that were … Read More

Lightening strikes twice in the Ozarks: Another post office gets suspended


During fiscal year 2015, the Postal Service closed about 90 post offices for emergency suspensions.  Five of them were in Missouri, and one was in the Ozark Mountains.  This week signs appeared on the door of another Ozark post office saying it would be closed soon too. In January 2015, the Postal Service suspended the post office in Rockbridge, which … Read More

Emergency Suspensions of Post Offices in FY 2015


According to its Annual Compliance Reports to the Postal Regulatory Commission, the Postal Service did not discontinue a single post office in FY 2014 and FY 2015.  Thanks to public protest and pressure from Congress, there appears to be an unofficial moratorium on post office closures.  If Senator Carper’s IPOST bill becomes law, this moratorium will become official and no … Read More

Blencoe, IA post office reopens after temporary (two-year) suspension


The Blencoe Post Office is again open for business, nearly two years after the small Monona County town "temporarily" lost its post office for an emergency suspension. The Post Office reopened on Wednesday in a new location across the street from the former Post Office at 501 Main St. The U.S. Postal Service temporarily shut down the post office in … Read More

‘Emergency suspension’ closes the doors to PO in Nemo, TX


Empty, bare and “For Rent” is how the building formerly utilized as the Nemo Post Office now sits. There are rumors – depending on the generation asked – of the post office previously being housed in a nearby corner store and even those who claim it was once housed in a house. Either of which may be a necessary place … Read More

The Year in Review: The Postal Service submits its Annual Compliance Report for FY 2015


Earlier this week the Postal Service submitted its FY 2015 Annual Compliance Report (ACR) to the Postal Regulatory Commission.  Over the next few weeks, the Commission will review the report, request more information, give stakeholders an opportunity to comment, and then, sometime in March, issue its own Annual Compliance Determination (ACD) report.  The USPS ACR is on the PRC website here; last … Read More