Sorting through the Closings


The past week has seen many more closing announcements.  Here are a few of the stories in the news:

KWTX TV reports that more than 70 residents of the town of Leroy, Texas, turned out for a meeting to support their post office.  They signed petitions and were encouraged to write letters to their lawmakers.  “If the post office closes, a centrally located box known as a Neighborhood Delivery Box and Collection Unit or NDCBU will be installed.”  Several other rural post offices in central Texas —Purmela, Prairie Hill, Reagan and Avalon—are also on the closure list.

News Channel 34 in Binghamton, New York, reports that “residents and city officials are making a last ditch effort to convince the US Postal Service not to close 3 neighborhood post offices in the city.”  That would leave only the downtown office open.  City Council Member Teri Rennia says the West Side has a higher population of elderly and low-income residents who have a difficult time getting downtown.  “A walkable community is incredibly important for environmental reasons, for economic reasons and also to make sure folks who don’t have access to transportation still have equal access to these basic services.”  Watch the video.

NV Daily reports that the town of Star Tannery, Virginia, had a community meeting to tell USPS officials that it was wrong to close their post office.  More than 65 people attended, and they’ve started a letter writing campaign to their lawmakers.  The sixty-day comment periods ends June 20.  The nearest post office is 11 miles away.  Local politician Dennis Morris attended the meeting: “”It’s convenience and it’s tradition,” he said. “They want to keep their identity back there.”

Eleven New Mexico post offices are on the chopping block, reports KRQE News 13. “This may sound old fashioned and silly,” said Shelley Rains, a resident of the town of Holman, NM, in the northeastern part of the state. “We’re a community, and a community always has a post office. It’s a center.”  The other communities that might lose their post offices are Capulin, Cuervo, Coyote, Encino, Gladstone, La Loma, Saint Vrain, Trementina, Mills, and Fort Stanton. “Maybe our opinions, our enthusiasm, our need will make a difference,” Rains said. “Maybe it won’t. But if you do not fight, you can never win.”  (Watch the video, and check out the Save Our Post Office website Holman citizens have put together.)

The post office in downtown Canton, Georgia, will close, reports the Cherokee Tribune.
“Canton Mayor Gene Hobgood lamented the news. . . .  Retaining the post office’s presence downtown, he said, is ‘vital’ to the city’s efforts to reenergize the central business district.”

The City Council in Waterville, Ohio, unanimously approved a resolution requesting the U.S. Postal Service to maintain a full service post office in the city, reports the Toledo Blade. Two weeks ago the postal service said a temporary emergency suspension would close the city’s post office and operations would be shifted to the Maumee Post Office. The postal service was unable to reach a lease agreement with the owner of the building on South Third Street in the community’s downtown business district, where the post office has been housed for fifty years. Mayor Derek Merrin said that a lease had been signed, so the closing has been averted, at least for now.

(Photo credits: Star Tannery p.o.; Binghamton p.o.; Leroy p.o.; Holman p.o.; Canton p.o.; Waterville, p.o.)

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