Save the Post Office Unleashes Its Secret Weapon


With over 200,000 jobs and 4,500 post offices on the line, there’s a war for survival going on.  The national media is still printing the USPS press releases about how much money the agency is losing and how shedding jobs and shuttering post offices is inevitable. 

“Save the Post Office,” along with the postal workers unions and the postmaster associations, has been trying to set the record straight and get some truth out there, but it’s been tough breaking through the media wall. 

“Save the Post Office” has decided it’s time to unleash its secret weapon.  We’ve been holding back, hoping it wouldn’t be necessary.  But the moment has come.

If you’re a regular citizen who wants to help the post office survive, here’s your chance to make a difference.

If you’re a worker at the post office, look over your shoulder.  If you see someone who doesn’t touch the mail, wait until the coast is clear before proceeding.

When it's all clear, click here.

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