The Postal Service plans to end COD home delivery

The Postal Service is planning to end COD mail to home addresses. Under current policy, COD — officially "Collect on Delivery," aka "cash on delivery" — can be delivered by the carrier to an address (COD per se) or it can be picked up by the customer at the post office, which is officially "Hold For Pick Up" (HFPU). The home delivery ... Read More

The Postal Service test drives its new Service Performance Measurement system

Back in January 2015, the Postal Service proposed a major change in the way it measures on-time service performance for single-piece First Class Mail.  Instead of contracting out to a third-party as it had done for many years, the Postal Service wanted to take advantage of the increased use of barcoding and do the measuring itself. The Postal Service began testing ... Read More

Postal Service releases 2015 Household Diary Study

The Postal Service has released the Household Diary Study (HDS) Report for Fiscal Year 2015. The HDS measures the mail sent and received by U.S. households, tracks household mail trends, and compares mail use between different types of households. Among the Study’s findings:
  • In 2015, U.S. households received 119.9 billion pieces of mail, and sent 10.5 billion. Mail sent ... Read More

Voting by mail and the next election meltdown Polls released this week indicate that the November presidential election could be very close, much closer than previously expected.  In most elections, the margin of victory is large enough to avoid questions about how the votes were cast and counted, but when elections are close and contested, things like how the voting machines function and what constitutes a valid ballot can become ... Read More

USPS-APWU arbitration decision puts moratorium on plant consolidations and outsourcing retail

The Postal Service and the American Postal Workers Union have a new contract.  Last week, the arbitrator on the case, Stephen Goldberg, issued his decision and award, thus ending a two-year dispute. The new contract provides protections against layoffs for all career employees (who were on the rolls as of July 8), puts limits on more subcontracting, and converts many noncareer employees in maintenance and motor ... Read More

How about a USPS stamp series celebrating Post Office murals?

The Postal Service possesses over a thousand murals produced by FDR's New Deal during the Great Depression.  The paintings celebrate American workers, local histories, and significant national events.  The murals themselves should be celebrated with a new USPS stamp series. While the volume of First Class single-piece mail has been steadily dropping (at about 3.6 percent annually for the past two years), good old-fashioned postage stamps are still ... Read More

Congress tries again: The Postal Service Reform Act of 2016

The House is looking at another postal reform bill, but does it have a chance of becoming law?  A lot of money has been spent lobbying Congress for legislation to fix the USPS, with not much to show for it. Two weeks ago the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform released a draft of “The Postal Service Reform Act of ... Read More

West Virginia floods disrupt postal operations, close post offices

Due to the severe flooding in West Virginia, postal operations and delivery in parts of the state have been disrupted. Alaycording to a service alert on, postal officials are making efforts to get mail to plants for processing but the safety of employees is the primary concern. The alert also states, “Customers may also to contact their local Post ... Read More

Postal Service releases financial report for May 2016: Shipping services continue to surge

The Postal Service posted its May 2016 financial report with the Postal Regulatory Commission today. As usual, declines in First Class and Standard mail are more than offset by dramatic increases in the volume and revenue from package and shipping services. And as usual, were it not for the obligated prepayments to the Retiree Healthcare Benefit Fund (RHBF), the Postal ... Read More

The PRC’s Public Representative recommends changes for emergency suspensions

The Postal Regulatory Commission may take another look at the issues surrounding emergency suspensions of post offices. The Commission's Public Representative has filed extensive comments for the Commission’s 701 Report to Congress and the President.  This report provides an opportunity for the Commission and industry stakeholders to assess the effectiveness of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act and to make recommendations for improving postal law ... Read More

Postal stakeholders file comments for the PRC’s 701 report to the President and Congress

Yesterday was the deadline for comments concerning the Postal Regulatory Commission's 701 Report, which the Commission is required to prepare at least every five years, under the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA). As the Commission explains  in its notice seeking comments, the 701 Report is directed to  the President and Congress, and it is supposed to address  (1) the operation of the amendments made by ... Read More

Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court stumbles over the Venice Post Office

Judge Merrick Garland, President Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court, was one of the judges on the D.C. Circuit that reviewed an appeal over the closing of the historic post office in Venice, California.  In July 2014, the Court dismissed the appeal, with Judge Garland writing the opinion explaining why. As reported in an article by the Free Venice Beachhead, the lawyer who filed ... Read More

Two post offices slated for closure will remain open

Two post offices facing imminent closure — both of which have pending appeals with the Postal Regulatory Commission — will not be closing after all.  The post office in Winchester, Illinois, and the contract post office in Westbrookville, New York, were both due to close over contract issues, but the issues were resolved last week and both offices will remain open. The post office in ... Read More

Winchester IL post office faces emergency suspension over lease issue

The City of Winchester, Illinois, has just filed an appeal with the Postal Regulatory Commission challenging the Postal Service’s decision to close the post office over a lease renewal issue. Winchester is the county seat of Scott County, and its post office serves several government agencies, the administrative offices for the public school system, and numerous businesses.   The post office ... Read More

USPS on-time delivery performance for Q2 2016 improves but still below targets

Yesterday the Postal Service released its service performance reports for the second quarter of FY 2016 (January – March). Overall, the reports show that on-time delivery has been improving — after dropping precipitously in January 2015, when phase 2 of Network Rationalization began — but the numbers continue to fall short of the Postal Service’s targets. For example, in Q2 2016, 93.9 ... Read More
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