Not closed, but not open: An emergency suspension in Beallsville, Maryland


The post office in Beallsville, Maryland, was shuttered for an “emergency suspension” in August of last year because the landlord wanted to raise the rent.

According to the Gazette.Net, on Tuesday, May 7, a meeting was held with local residents and Postal Service representatives to discuss making the suspension a permanent closure.

Turns out the closing was caused by a misunderstanding.  Beallsville resident Eric Cronquist showed a letter from the landlord dated July 8, 2010, stating that the post office could stay at the same rent of $12,600 a year.  But Donalda Moss, post office closing coordinator, said that by then the plans for closing the office were already in place and could not be stopped.

“The post office is not closed,”  Moss told residents.  “Right now the post office is in an emergency.”

(For more on “emergency suspensions” and the investigation into using lease issues to close post offices, check out this previous post.)

(Photo credit: Gazette.Net)

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