The Nation: Protesters Live in Tent City to Oppose Post Office Closure


Allison Kilkenny has a very good piece in The Nation right now about the protest on the steps of the Berkeley post office that's now entering its third week.  It starts like this:

"For two weeks, protesters have been living in a tent city outside a post office in Berkeley, California. The participants are staging the sleep-in to save the post office from closing, one of many closures facing post offices all across the country.

"The United States Postal Service last week reported a net loss of $740 million in the third quarter—hemorrhaging many conservative leaders claim bolsters their argument that the USPS is antiquated and post offices should be closed. 

"It makes sense that the postal service has proven to be a popular target for conservatives. The USPS is the second largest employer in the United States (second only to Walmart,) except the USPS is also home to one of the strongest unions in the country, employing over 574,000 members.

"The USPS is also required, bizarrely, to fully fund future retirees' health benefits, a tall order that has unsurprisingly contributed to the service going broke."  Read more.

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