More closings out west


There's been postal service in the small town of Cora, Wyoming, for the past 120 years.  That may come to an end soon.  Cora has received notice that the post office is being studied for closure or consolidation.  The current postmaster said she was not authorized to speak to reporters about the possible closure, but former Cora postmaster Pat Poletti, who retired last year, said more should be considered than just economic benefits when deciding to close a community’s post office.  “I hope people realize the specialness of that place and the value as a community gathering place, a community icon,” said Poletti.  “As a former postmaster who has traveled all over the state teaching classes, there’s no place like the Cora Post Office. It’s on the Continental Divide hiking trail, it’s in the tourist brochures, it would just be a loss on so many levels, and to tell us we can go to Rock Springs to get our mail is ludicrous.” 

Joanna Ludwig, who owns the building and was Cora’s postmaster for 23 years, told the Sublette Examiner, “I’m very concerned for our community. . .  We serve such a vast area and we take care of all the tourists, the hikers and fishermen, the bikers and hunters in the summertime. … I have so many feelings I don’t know where to start.  This community is a family. . . . This post office has been here for 120 years, and I hope it’s here for a long time after I’ve gone. Without the post office, there would be no Cora.”

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