If the Postal Service were private


The Wall Street Journal editorial bashing the USPS that we noted a couple of days ago continues to stir up controversy.  The blog "Dead Tree Edition," which follows the production and distribution of magazines and catalogs, provides a thorough debunking of the Journal piece, and it makes the additional point that the Postal Service gives the Journal special treatment: "Within the Postal Service, the Journal is famous for complaining vociferously if any of its newspapers are delivered a day late, even if the Journal misses the deadline for getting the papers to a postal facility. Postal managers generally acquiesce, creating special (and labor-intensive) procedures to expedite handling of the Journal."  In response to the op-ed's refrain about what the Postal Service would be doing to cut costs if it were a private enterprise, Dead Tree Edition concludes, "If the Postal Service were a private business, it would not be subsidizing The Wall Street Journal."

The Journal editorial got the attention of Dennis Ross, Republican Congressman for Florida's 12th district, who's been Tweeting about it with his followers.  Ross is a member of the Tea Party, and apparently he's making himself a "watchdog" of the Postal Service.  You can imagine what he has to say.

If you want more on all this bruhaha about a "bailout" that's not a bailout, check out the editorial in Business Insider, which makes pretty much the same case as the Wall Street Journal piece.  This one gets a quick debunking from the Postal News blog

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