Historic Westport post office reopening as restaurant, postal services not on the menu


The historic post office in Westport, Connecticut, was built in 1936 under the New Deal as a way to put people to work and to promote confidence in the federal government.  Now the Postal Service has a different agenda — putting people out of work and undermining confidence in the government.  

One way to do that is sell off the symbols of the New Deal, like the Westport P.O.  The office closed late last year, and now the building has been converted into a high-end restaurant.  The name Post 154 is not a nostalgic reference to the post office, though.  It's located at 154 Post Road.  There won't be many signs of its past identity, even though it's a historic building and should have been treated with more respect.  The Postal Service will probably boast that another historic post office has been successfully "repurposed," but it's nothing to brag about.  

Well, maybe the food will be good.  "It will be world-class, creative cuisine. Very elegant and flavorful. A little bit of everything," said the new chef.   Read more.

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