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Annual Report to the President and Congress Fiscal Year 2015PRC1/6/2016Link
PRC Summary and Expanded Response to GAO Report GAO-15-756:U.S. Postal Service Actions Needed to Make Delivery Performance Information More Complete, Useful, and TransparentPRC10/5/2015Link
Analysis of the Postal Service̍s FY 2014 Program Performance Report and FY 2015 Performance PlanPRC7/7/2015Link
Financial Analysis of United States Postal Service Financial Results and 10-K Statement 2014PRC4/1/2015Link
Annual Compliance Determination Report Fiscal Year 2014PRC3/27/2015Link
Annual Report to the President and Congress Fiscal Year 2014PRC1/5/2015Link
Review of Postal Service FY 2013 Performance Report and FY 2014 Performance PlanPRC7/7/2014Link
Analysis of United States Postal Service Financial Results and 10-K Statement for Fiscal Year 2013 (Revised April 10, 2014)PRC4/10/2014Link
DSCF Standard Mail Load LevelingPRCN2014-112/27/2013Link
Post Office Structure PlanPRCN2012-28/23/2012Link
Mail Processing Network Rationalization Service Changes, 2012PRCN2012-19/28/2012Link
Retail Access Optimization Initiative, 2011PRCN2011-112/23/2011Link
Six-Day to Five-Day Street Delivery and Related Service Changes, 2010PRCN2010-13/24/2011Link
Station and Branch Optimization and Consolidation Initiative, 2009PRCN2009-13/10/2010Link
Evolutionary Network Development Service Changes, 2006PRCN2006-112/19/2006Link
What Postal Services Do People Value the Most? A Quantitative Survey of the Postal Universal Service ObligationUSPS OIGRARC-WP-15-0072/23/2015Link
Guiding Principles for a New Universal Service ObligationUSPS OIGRARC-WP-15-00111/17/2014Link
Management Alert ̐ Retail Customer Service Management AlertUSPS OIGMS-MA-15-00210/17/2014Link
The Postal Service Customers of the FutureUSPS OIGRARC-WP-14-0149/29/2014Link
Customer RetentionUSPS OIGMS-AR-14-0089/25/2014Link
What America Wants and Needs from the Postal ServiceUSPS OIGRARC-WP-14-0092/18/2014Link
The Postal Service's Use of Social MediaUSPS OIGMS-MA-13-0038/1/2013Link
Retail Customer Experience ProgramUSPS OIGMS-AR-13-0107/9/2013Link
What America Wants from the Postal ServiceUSPS OIGRARC-WP-13-0095/21/2013Link
Post Office Relocation ProcessUSPS OIGDR-AR-14-0089/2/2014Link
Preservation and Disposal of Historic PropertiesUSPS OIGSM-AR-14-0044/16/2014Link
Cost of Appeals for Closing Retail FacilitiesUSPS OIGCI-AR-12-0057/12/2012Link
Leading Practices for Managing Fleet OperationsGAOGAO-15-644T5/21/2015Link
U.S. Postal Service: Financial Challenges ContinueGAOGAO-16-268T1/21/2016Link
U.S. Postal Service's Financial ViabilityGAOVariousLink
U.S. Postal Service: Action Needed to Address Unfunded Benefit LiabilitiesGAOGAO-14-398T3/3/2014Link
U.S. Postal Service: Financial Challenges ContinueGAOGAO-16-268T1/21/2016Link
Federal Vehicles: Composition and Management of Agency FleetsGAOGAO-16-455T2/26/2016Link
U.S. Postal Service: Actions Needed to Make ...GAOGAO-15-75610/5/2015Link
U.S. Postal Service: Actions Needed to Make Delivery Performance. Information More Complete, Useful, and Transparent. Why GAO Did This Study.GAOGAO-15-4089/30/2015Link
U.S. Postal Service: Financial Challenges ...GAOGAO-16-268T1/21/2016Link
The U.S. Postal Service̥s Financial Condition: A PrimerCRSR431629/22/2014Link
The U.S. Postal Service̥s Financial Condition: Overview and Issues for CongressCRSR410241/27/2012Link
The U.S. Postal Service̥s Financial Condition: A PrimerCRSR431627/24/2013Link
U.S. Postal Service Workforce Size and Employment Categories, FY1995-FY2014 CRSRS22864Link
Preserving Historic Post Offices: A Report to CongressACHP3/20/2014Link
USPS Financial ReportsUSPSVariousLink
USPS Leased Facilities ReportUSPSLink
USPS Owned Facilities ReportUSPSLink
USPS Service Performance ReportsUSPSLink
Estimated Costs of the Amendment to the FY 2016 Financial Services and General Government Appropriations BillCBO7/13/2015Link
History of Post Office Construction 1900-1940USPS7/1/1982Link
Postal Service Management of CBRE
Real Estate Transactions
Risks Associated with CB Richard Ellis, Inc. ContractOIGSM-MA-14-0032/12/2014Link
Contracting of Real Estate Management ServicesOIGSM-AR-13-0016/12/2013Link
Preserve America 2011 USPS report to ACHP, part 1USPS12/1/2011Link 1
Preserve America 2011 USPS report to ACHP, part 2USPS12/1/2011Link
Funding the Universal Service ObligationOIGRARC-WP-16-0053/21/2016Link
Annual Compliance Determination ReportPRCACR 20153/28/2016Link
Advertising Mail: Past and PresentOIGRARC-WP-16-0063/28/2016Link
Financial Analysis of Postal Service Financial Results and 10-K StatementPRC3/29/2016Link
DOD Needs More Comprehensive Planning to Address Military and Overseas Absentee Voting ChallengesGAOGAO-16-378
Barriers to Retail Network OptimizationOIGRARC-WP-11-0056/9/2011Link
U.S. Postal Service: Post Office Changes Suggest Cost Savings, but Improved Guidance, Data, and Analysis Can Inform Future Savings EffortsGAOGAO-16-3854/29/2016Link
Analysis of the Postal Service’s FY 2015 Annual Performance Report and FY 2016 Performance PlanPRC5/4/2016Link
U.S. Postal Service: Continuing Financial Challenges and the Need for Postal ReformGAOGAO-16-651T5/11/2016Link
Peeling the Onion: The Real Cost of MailOIGRARC-WP-16-0094/18/2016Link
The Postal Service and Its User BaseOIGRARC-WP-16-0137/18/2016Link
Approved Shippers Pricing and Customer ServiceOIGSM-AR-16-0085/21/2016Link
The Household Diary Study Diary Study: Mail Use & Attitudes in FY 2015USPS8/1/2016Link
Mail Processing and Transportation Operational ChangesOIGNO-AR-16-0099/2/2016Link
Information on How Broadband Affects Postal Use and the Communications Options for Rural Residents
Governance of the U.S. Postal ServiceOIGRARC-WP-17-00211/10/2016Link
Use of Independent Contractor StudiesOIGCP-AR-17-00210/14/2016Link
Analysis of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006
Contract Postal Unit Operations OversightOIGFT-AR-17-00211/3/2016Link
Annual Report to CongressUSPS12/29/2016Link
Facility Conditions Review - Eastern DistrictOIGSM-AR-17-0045/10/2017Link
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