Downtown Albany, GA post office closing soon; city official says USPS response is “absurd and ridiculous”



The Postal Service wants to close the post office in Albany, Georgia, and the city is getting very frustrated dealing with postal officials trying to work out an alternative.  The Postal Service rents space for the post office in a 100-year-old building that's a landmark in Albany, and city officials have found a local entrepreneur who wants to operate a Village Post Office in the building, which means the Postal Service wouldn't have to pay a salary.  The Postal Service seemed interested at first, but now they're getting ready to remove the PO boxes and no one will return letters from elected officials.

"(The Postal Service's response) is both absurd and ridiculous," County Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard said. "It shouldn't take this much effort to get this done. With all due respect to (USPS officials), we're trying to be very positive and upbeat. We're simply asking them to allow us to have a village post office at that facility."  Read more.

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