Delays reported since mail sorting plant closed in Roaring Fork Valley


When the Postal Service presented testimony to the Postal Regulatory Commission about its plans to close over 240 mail processing plants, it claimed repeatedly that during the first phase, which involved closing about 150 facilities, overnight delivery would continue and only during phase two would it end.  But there have been many reports of delays.  

Today the Aspen Daily News reports, "Two years after the U.S. Postal Service moved mail-sorting operations for the Roaring Fork Valley from Glenwood Springs to a centralized facility in Grand Junction, some clerks are reporting delays in delivery, and the window for getting local mail to the post office in time for next-day delivery has shrunk. 

“Talking to my clerks in that area I’ve heard all sorts of stories in terms of delays, where they used to get the same mail on the same day of the week, and now it’s three or four days later,” said Shane McDonnell, president of the Grand Junction-based Western Colorado chapter of the American Postal Workers Union, which represents postal clerks.   Read more.

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