Contract post office as Southern Illinois U to close


The Postal Service will be closing the contract postal unit that was operating on campus at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. According to postal officials, the SIUE post office just wasn’t bringing in enough revenue. Starting in the spring semester, students will have to go to the post offices in Edwardsville or Glen Carbon to do postal business, like receiving packages from home.  That won’t be easy for students who don’t have a car.   

It’s not clear from the news story what kind of financial arrangement the university has with the Postal Service.  It says that the office employed five SIUE employees in the front office, and six more temporary employees to assist in the mail services.  That doesn’t sound like an office with insufficient revenues.  Plus, the article says “it was operated and funded by the university.”  Yet a postal official is quoted as saying that the Postal Service was “subsidizing the service.” 

Closing a CPU does not require any consultation process with the community, and the decision cannot be appealed to the Postal Regulatory Commission, so the Postal Service doesn’t have to produce any record justifying its decision.  Read more.

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