Two post offices slated for closure will remain open

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Two post offices facing imminent closure — both of which have pending appeals with the Postal Regulatory Commission — will not be closing after all.  The post office in Winchester, Illinois, and the contract post office in Westbrookville, New York, were both due to close over contract issues, but the issues were resolved last week and both offices will remain open. The post office in … Read More

Winchester IL post office faces emergency suspension over lease issue


The City of Winchester, Illinois, has just filed an appeal with the Postal Regulatory Commission challenging the Postal Service’s decision to close the post office over a lease renewal issue. Winchester is the county seat of Scott County, and its post office serves several government agencies, the administrative offices for the public school system, and numerous businesses.   The post office … Read More

USPS on-time delivery performance for Q2 2016 improves but still below targets


Yesterday the Postal Service released its service performance reports for the second quarter of FY 2016 (January – March). Overall, the reports show that on-time delivery has been improving — after dropping precipitously in January 2015, when phase 2 of Network Rationalization began — but the numbers continue to fall short of the Postal Service’s targets. For example, in Q2 2016, 93.9 … Read More

GAO questions USPS cost savings on POStPlan, USPS questions GAO’s tone


The Government Accountability Office has just issued a report about the cost savings the Postal Service may have achieved with POStPlan, the initiative that reduced hours at 13,000 small post offices and eliminated their postmaster positions.  As the report makes clear, the plan has not saved the $500 million a year that the Postal Service had projected.  It’s hard to say, … Read More

Amazon deliveries and at-risk workers lead to more accidents and injuries at the Postal Service


Last week the Postal Service shared some information with the Postal Regulatory Commission about accidents and safety issues.  As one might expect, the increased use of all those recently hired postal workers — 117,000 in 2015 — is leading to more injuries and accidents. Replacing experienced career employees with inexperienced non-career employee comes at a cost both to the Postal … Read More

Measuring employee engagement: The Postal Service shares its scores on Postal Pulse


A couple of weeks ago, the Postal Service announced that it was starting the second round of the Postal Pulse.  That’s the Postal Service’s name for the Gallup Q12, the world’s most famous employee engagement survey.  The Postal Service decided to switch to the Q12 after using the Voice of the Employee survey for many years because, as explained in the … Read More