Santa Monica’s historic post office building is back on the market, may sell for $13 million more than the USPS got for it


Santa Monica Daily Press: Santa Monica’s historic post office building is back on the market. SkyDance Productions purchased the property in 2014 for about $27 million and has received entitlements to modify the building. However, the company has already outgrown the space and won’t occupy the site. The application to reuse the building included a remodeled interior and construction of … Read More

Historic Santa Monica Post Office Could Be Creative Space

SteveBlog Santa Monica’s U.S. Post Office on 5th Street, a legacy of the New Deal-era that was closed three years ago, might re-open as a “creative” office space under a proposal that adds a new building while also trying to preserve the site’s historic character.  It will be short on parking, though.  A new 14,490 square foot, three-story building (32 … Read More

Return to Sender: The historic Santa Monica post office under new ownership


Last year the Postal Service sold the historic Santa Monica post office to  Skydance Productions, a film production company based out of Paramount Pictures in Hollywood.  A couple of weeks ago, Skydance went to the Landmarks Commission seeking a Certificate of Appropriateness for an eight-foot-high “security”fence around the property.  To justify the fence, the applicant and their legal representative said famous people frequenting the premises would … Read More

Film producer buys historic Santa Monica post office


Looks like historic post offices are becoming a fashionable trophy for Hollywood film producers.  First Joel Silver (Mad Max, The Matrix) bought the Venice post office.  Now SkyDance Productions (True Grit, World War Z) has bought the Santa Monica post office, which was closed back in June.  Read more.

Parking Troubles Patrons at New Santa Monica Post Office (“It sucks”)


Santa Monica Lookout: "Five months after the US Postal Service shuttered Downtown Santa Monica’s 75-year-old post office, patrons are still adjusting.  For many, that means doing their postal-related business at the new location, which the USPS opened on July 1, at Seventh Street and Olympic Boulevard…  While the reviews of the new location — a former sorting station converted into … Read More

Film producer may buy historic Santa Monica post office


Looks like owning a historic post office is becoming a Hollywood fad.  First producer Joel Silver (The Matrix, Die Hard) bought the Venice post office and turned it into a production studio and office.  Now producer David Ellison (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, World War Z) is in talks to buy the Santa Monica post office.  Ellison is at work on … Read More