New buyer for historic Napa, CA post office steps forward


Napa Valley Register: The Postal Service may have a new buyer for the Franklin Street post office in Napa, California.  The cracked brick facade of the earthquake-damaged post offices has loomed over the 1300 block of Second Street for nearly two years. After an initial attempt to sell the downtown landmark fell through, a second buyer for the property has stepped forward, the U.S. … Read More

OIG finds maintenance, safety and security issues in post offices leased by USPS


The USPS Office of Inspector General has issued a report about the condition of post office buildings in the Capitol Metro Area.  In its review of twenty facilities leased by the Postal Service, the OIG found: Eleven (55 percent) had lighting issues; Ten (50 percent) had building appearance issues; Eighteen (90 percent) had potential OSHA violations related to building safety and … Read More

Historic New Deal Post Office in Santa Barbara, CA, headed for sale


  The Postal Service is making plans to sell the historic New Deal post office on Acapata Street in downtown Santa Barbara, California, according to a report in Meiko Patton, the USPS communications programs specialist for the Sacramento and Sierra Coastal districts, says the building has become too large for the agency’s needs. The Postal Service “would like to keep” … Read More

Voting by mail and the next election meltdown

SteveStory Polls released this week indicate that the November presidential election could be very close, much closer than previously expected.  In most elections, the margin of victory is large enough to avoid questions about how the votes were cast and counted, but when elections are close and contested, things like how the voting machines function and what constitutes a valid ballot can become … Read More

Underwood, Iowa post office suspended over lease issue


The Daily Nonpareil: The Underwood, Iowa, Post Office will close at the end of the week for an emergency suspension. On Tuesday, the Postal Service announced postal service for the town would move to Neola after the agency and the post office building’s owner failed to extend a lease agreement.  The Underwood office will serve the area until Friday. “There’s … Read More

USPS-APWU arbitration decision puts moratorium on plant consolidations and outsourcing retail


he Postal Service and the American Postal Workers Union have a new contract.  Last week, the arbitrator on the case, Stephen Goldberg, issued his decision and award, thus ending a two-year dispute. The new contract provides protections against layoffs for all career employees (who were on the rolls as of July 8), puts limits on more subcontracting, and converts many noncareer employees in maintenance and motor … Read More