Leveraging intellectual property: Where’s Mr. ZIP when you need him?


Last week the Postal Service announced that it is partnering with Wahconah, a Cleveland-based clothing manufacturer, to develop a new line of "smart apparel" (also known as "wearable electronics") called “Rain Heat & Snow.”  The USPS press release about the announcement can be found on the Wahconah site, but for some reason it has disappeared from the USPS website, leaving a … Read More

The Magical Postal Publicity Tour: Over 7,000 POStPlan Meetings, and Counting


The Postal Service is plowing ahead with its community meetings on POStPlan.  As of Friday, it had held 6,741 meetings, and it has scheduled an additional 474 through March 15. That’s a total of 7,215 meetings — well more than half the list of 13,000 post offices that are seeing their hours reduced.  Before last week, implementation was complete at about … Read More

New survey shows over 80 percent oppose ending Saturday delivery


Last week, the Postal Service released a survey it had commissioned with IPSOS, a Paris-based market-research company, showing that 80 percent of Americans supported the Postal Service's decision to end Saturday delivery.  Save the Post Office conducted its own survey over the past week, and it shows something completely different: 84 percent were strongly opposed to moving to five-day delivery.  (Thanks … Read More

On the Privatization of the Post Office


  Published on Feb 16, 2013 Update on the attempted privatization of the US Post Office. Guest is Portland Oregon retired letter carrier Jamie Partridge.  Jamie addresses the fraudulent ongoing corporate spin portraying the Post Office as losing money due to email and the internet. Besides losing Saturday deliveries,the Post Master General is seeking to close many processing plants which would … Read More