A New Year’s Resolution: Support the People’s Post Office


BY MARK JAMISON Here’s a resolution for the New Year: Support the people’s post office. That means working to preserve an essential national infrastructure and rejecting initiatives to dismantle it, like closing post offices and cutting window hours, delivering the mail fewer days of the week, and converting customers to cluster boxes. It means working to ensure that the post … Read More

The plot thickens: An OIG solicitation, the Palmer Square Post Office, and the CBRE-LCOR connection


There were a couple of interesting developments this week in the story about how the Postal Service and its real estate broker CBRE are handling post office lease deals and the sales of postal properties.  On Christmas Day, the USPS Office of Inspector General posted a solicitation notice looking for a supplier to do an analysis of the fair market value … Read More

Fox Promotes Privatizing The U.S. Postal Service


The entire panel of Forbes on Fox came out in favor of privatizing the U.S. Postal Service recently. The only dissent was that we’re not “ready quite yet.” Nobody pointed out – or seemed to care – that the Postal Service is extremely popular among Americans.

Standard Mail slows down: The Postal Service requests an advisory opinion on load leveling DSCF mail


The delivery of a large portion of Standard Mail is about to slow down.  Today the Postal Service submitted a request for an advisory opinion to the Postal Regulatory Commission concerning a change in service standards for DSCF Standard Mail. DSCF discounted mail is mail that’s been presorted and prepared according to postal regulations and then entered at one of the … Read More

PRC grants rate increase but for less than two years


The Postal Regulatory Commission has approved the Postal Service’s request for an exigent rate increase of 4.3 percent, but only for about 18 months to two years, however long it takes to recoup $2.8 billion in lost profits.  In the short term, the increase will help deal with the low liquidity problem, but it will not fully address the long-term … Read More

USPS releases November financial statement: Status quo


The Postal Service released its monthly financial report for November today.  It shows a profit of $119 million in “controllable operating income,” and revenues are up 1.5 percent over last November.  After deducting $475 million for the monthly prefunding payment to the Retiree Health Benefit Fund and adding in $210 million for an adjustment to the Workers Compensation fund (adjusted … Read More