The synergy of losses: How much will downsizing really save?


Imagine it’s Wednesday and you want to mail something, and you’re used to seeing that mail delivered the next day.  But things have changed.  You can’t get to the post office until Thursday because yours has closed and the nearest one is too far away to make the trip today.  The next-day mail now takes two days because 250 mail … Read More

Free Boxes!


FREE BOXES! Sure the Postal Service is going broke, but don't let that stop you from ordering your FREE BOXES!  Just stop by your local post offices and ask for a case of free flat-rate USPS boxes, or go online, and four will be sent to your home, ABSOLUTELY FREE.  These free boxes are great for storage, moving, and sending … Read More

Contract post offices, closing faster than they open


Contract post offices look like a cheap and easy way for the Postal Service to outsource its retail postal business.  Just put the post office in a private business or community center, and don’t worry about paying rent or postal employees.  There’s still a post office in town, the Postal Service has met its universal service obligation, and a lot … Read More

Congressman Hinchey calls for a moratorium on the closing studies


New York Congressman Maurice Hinchey has written a letter to Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe asking him “to place a moratorium on the USPS's current discontinuance studies until the USPS resolves the numerous problems the PRC identified in the RAIO. “  Hinchey is circulating the letter in Congress, looking for others to sign on with him. The letter calls attention to … Read More

Invisible Hands: The Businessmen’s Campaign to Dismantle the Post Office


The leaders of the Postal Service have made no secret of their plans for reforming the postal system.  They have issued white papers, given speeches, presented “optimization” programs, and appeared before Congressional committees.  The plans are clear: eliminate the layoff protections in union contracts; cut the career workforce by nearly half while tripling the number of non-career workers; reduce service … Read More

A post office worth preserving


BY MARK JAMISON [Mr. Jamison serves the town of Webster in the mountains of North Carolina as its postmaster.  He has written extensively on postal issues.  In keeping with the USPS Administrative Support Manual, Mr. Jamison does not "speak for or act on behalf of the Postal Service."  These are his thoughts on where things stand and where we ought to … Read More

Post Office Closings in 2011: Lists, maps, the whole mess


The past year was not a good one for those who value the institution of the brick-and-mortar post office.  Over four thousand post offices were studied for closure, and were it not for the Christmas holiday suspension and the moratorium on closings, a large portion of them would have closed by year’s end.  Just to put that in context, consider … Read More

The OIG wants your opinion on post office closings


The USPS Office of Inspector General (OIG) is doing an “audit overview” of the Retail Access Optimization initiative (RAOI), the Postal Service’s plan to close 3,652 post offices.  The OIG wants to hear your opinion. The OIG helps maintain the integrity and accountability of the Postal Service through independent audits and investigations.  The OIG has already issued one report about … Read More

Hundreds of Postal Workers and Allies March in Oregon


FROM NALC, PORTLAND, OREGON BRANCH 82: Portland, OR – Over eight hundred Portland-area letter carriers, other postal workers, family members and allies held a demonstration Sunday, calling attention to tax-free solutions to save America’s postal service.  From a rally at downtown Pioneer Courthouse Square, the boisterous marchers chanted and sang down Fourth Avenue, ending with a rally at the Main Post … Read More

“This Post Office will not be closed in vain”


The post office in Ukiah, California, will close permanently on Friday, after a long fight.  It’s a beautiful New Deal post office located in the heart of downtown.    There’s a very good story about the closing by Carole Brodksy in the Ukiah Daily Journal. “It’s despicable,” said attorney Barry Vogel, who worked with a group of citizens to prevent closure of … Read More